Arise O breathers of air, haired and curved in semblance of Adam, source of Man-

Banned from the fruits of deception, distraction from the Guide of the Creator of Jinns and Man.

Rule the world in and with Peace O brethren

Be attasked to maintain,sustain the heavenly and the mundane

Destruction, calamity, war and crisis long disrupting here, there and sundry

Far lost in deep hatred, intolerance, religious fanaticism and sectarian bigotry

This got us, Hallowed in our Thoughts

Sanctified are those who are conscious of the state of Mankind and whole lot.

And in despair we bowed our heads, worried and said,

There is no PEACE on earth, lies and deceits are all we’ve been spoonfed.

Peace in truth, is a complete state of serenity

Fulfilled only, through the reign of love and charity

Peace we preach to fix our midst this Day-

henceforth, September 21st marked another International Day-

Of Peace, to symbolise our Human rights at seventy

And so we pray to the world, an eternal state of tranquility.

Jointly composed by:

Hallowed Thinkers Crew 2018